Art Staff

Mrs C Benson

Curriculum Leader - Art, Design and Technology (on maternity leave)

Mrs K Modlin


Mr M Jenkins

Acting Curriculum Leader, Art, Design and Technology

Mrs K Truch


Mrs J Bardgett

Art, Design and Technology Technician

Key Stage 3 - Yrs 7 - 9

During Key Stage 3 pupils work with new and traditional media, gaining skills and understanding techniques while developing their confidence and independence in learning. Projects are aimed at understanding, respecting and engaging with a wide range of art work. Our aim is to provide the opportunity for students to appreciate and value images and artefacts across different times and cultures.
Pupils have the opportunity to work as part of a group. They learn about the visual elements and respond through individual and group work. Pupils discover contemporary portraiture and traditional African art and craft.
Year 8
Pupils apply techniques learnt in year 7 to themed projects such as The build environment, this project develops in to a card 3d end product. They are introduced to photo shop and digital methods when looking at the work of Howard Hodgkin. Composition is also discussed and explored when looking at landscapes. Student research the work of illustrator Sara Fanelli and create a 2d mixed media response.
Year 9

We tailor year 9 to be similar to GCSE to provide pupils with the opportunity of experiencing art and design at a high level. Pupils are given more freedom to experiment and make their own decisions about materials and composition. The headings students work under are Natural Forms, Text in Art, Pop Art and Expressive vegetables.
Useful websites
Kids Tate
GCSE bitesize Art Video

Key Stage 4 - GCSE

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.  Mary Lou Cook.

Art and Design is extremely popular with students studying GCSE’s. Following the AQA Art and Design Syllabus we deliver an exciting course, where students can experiment with a range of materials and art disciplines.

Creativity and originality is encouraged, allowing students to experience a personal course centring around each individuals skills and talents.

The course consists of two units:

Unit 1 –Portfolio of Work

This is a controlled assessment. During the course students complete at least two projects. 80 Marks in total. 60% of the overall GCSE.

Unit 2- Externally Set Task.

Question papers are issued in January. Students choose 1 of a number of starting points and create their own personal response. Completing their final resolution in 10 hours of sustained focused study.  80 marks. 40% of the overall GCSE.

No written work is required. It is a strong foundation for progression on to art and design related courses, such as a- level art and design.

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Key Stage 5 - 'A' Level

Course Details:
Syllabus: Art, Craft & Design
The course is divided into 4 units with an externally-set assignment at the end of AS and another at the end of A2.  Candidates produce practical and critical contextual work associated with 2 or more of the following endorsements: Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Textile Design or 3D Design.
AS Course
Unit 1 : Portfolio Unit
Candidates produce a collection of two and/or three-dimensional work which includes at least one extended project and may include other examples of practice aimed at developing skills or extending their knowledge of other artists, designers, craftspeople and photographers.
Unit 2 : AS Externally-set assignment
An externally-set assignment in which candidates respond to one of five starting points.  After an initial period of research, candidates will undertake 10 hours of unaided supervised time to produce a final piece. This unit will run from the 1 Feb with the exam in April.
A2 Course
Unit 3 : Personal Investigation – a practical unit with written elements.
Candidates produce practical work and a written investigation of 1000 to 3000 words linked to the practical work.  Their work should be linked in some way to contemporary or past practice of artists, designers, craftspeople or photographers.

Unit 4 : A2 Externally-set Assignment
An externally-set assignment in which candidates respond to one of eight starting points.  Work is undertaken between February and May and culminates in 15 hours of supervised time in which they are expected to fully realise their ideas.
Before embarking on this course of study, candidates should bear in mind that they will be expected to purchase sketchpads, workbooks and materials as well as postcards, books and illustrative materials for the written component (Unit 3).
GCSE Grade B or above is recommended for entry to the AS/A2 course, however, we will consider students who have not completed GCSE if they have some evidence of work i.e. a small portfolio of work at GCSE Grade B standard.