KS4 Options

In Year 9 Students are required to choose their 'options' package for the following 2 years.  This will decide the subjects that they take at GCSE. 
The English Baccalaureate (the 'EBac')
This is a package of subjects that are used as a school performance measure by the government.  It is not a qualification in itself. 
The EBacc subjects are English, Maths, Separate Sciences or Combined Science, a Modern Foreign Language and History OR Geography.   Pathway 1 students will automatically study all of the choices that make up this measure.  The measure was introduced by the Government to make sure that students who are likely to do well in these subjects and may wish to progress to Higher Education keep their options open during Year 10 and 11.

Follow this link to find out more about the EBAC

Below is a document that outlines the 2017-18 options together with a document that will help explain the new grading of GCSEs from 2017.