Senior Staff

Andrew Lund

Nick Mills
Deputy Headteacher
Curriculum Planning
Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator
Timetabling, T&L

Kristian Moore
Assistant Headteacher
Data Management, reporting
SENCo, Pupil Premium
Children Looked After
Child Protection Officer
Health & Safety, Attendance
Safeguarding Officer
Jonathan Dunham
Academy Finance
Clerk to Governors
Sam Rowan
Leader of Student Support Year 7
Curriculum Leader MFL
Allayne Farnan
Allayne Farnan
Leader of Student Support Years 8 & 9
Teacher of English

 ian noble

 Ian Noble
Leader of Student Support Years 10 & 11
Strategic Manager – Equality and Participation (SEND)


Barbara Raine
Barbara Raine
Head of Sixth Form
Teacher of Psychology, Mathematics & Business


Teaching Staff

Ms L Auchterlonie

Curriculum Leader of Mathematics

Mr D Barton

Teacher of PE

Mrs C Benson

Joint Curriculum Leader of Design, Technology and Art Faculty

Mr M Brown

Teacher of Science

Mr A Clement

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs D Cullen

Curriculum Leader of Humanities

Mrs A Farnan

Leader of Student Support - Years 8 and 9,Teacher of English, Life Skills

Mrs L Fitton

Teacher of English

Mr S Gordon

Teacher of Music, IT

Mrs I Griffiths

Acting Curriculum Leader of English

Mr D Hayman

Teacher of Geography

Mrs C Howard

Teacher of Humanities - History, General Studies

Mr M Jenkins

Joint Curriculum Leader of Design, Technology and Art Faculty

Mrs S Lightfoot

Teacher of Science

Mr M McDonald

Curriculum Leader of IT, Music

Mrs K Modlin

Teacher of Art, Careers Education/Information and Guidance Coordinator

Mrs J Park

Post-16 Vocational Development Tutor, IT, Business Studies

Miss C Proctor

Teacher of English, Psychology

Mrs J Rae

Intervention Tutor

Mrs B Raine

Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Psychology, Mathematics, Business

Mr P Rose

Teacher of Science

Ms N Rush

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr V Seed

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr S Smith

Teacher of Science, Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Miss F Tolmie

Curriculum Leader of PE

Mrs K Truch

Teacher of Art

Mr G Wright

Curriculum Leader of Science

Learning Support Staff

Mr I Noble

Strategic Manager – Equality and Participation (SEND), Leader of Student Support (Years 10 and 11), Inclusion Centre Manager, Principal Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Asquith

Teaching Assistant

Mr M Butterworth

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Kay

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Land

ASDAN and Qualifications Award Co-ordinator, Senior Teaching Assistant

Ms K Lawson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Lowther

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Troughton

Senior Teaching Assistant

Peripatetic Staff

Mrs J Gordon

Vocal Tuition

Mrs S Hutt

String Instruments

Mr J Steels

Woodwind Instruments

Mr R Steels


Mrs K Wignall

Brass Instruments

Administration Staff

Mrs P Bancroft

Headteacher’s PA

Mrs J Davis

Receptionist (Student Reception)

Mrs T Edgar

Press and Publicity Officer

Mrs C Haworth

Cover Manager and Classroom Supervisor

Mrs S Lightburn

Finance and Administrative Assistant

Mrs M Nelson

Examination Officer

Miss L Ryan

Finance and Administrative Assistant

Mrs A Salmon

Administrative Assistant



Support Staff

Mrs J Bardgett

Design, Technology and Art Faculty Technician

Mrs E Birbeck

Laboratory Technician

Mr I Cousin

Site Manager

Mr S Edgar

IT Technician

Mr I Jefferson

Network Manager

Mr T Nugent

Part-Time Caretaker

Mr N Stretton


Mrs A Vaisnys

Laboratory Technician