Accelerated Reader

STAR testing and the Accelerated Reader programme


The Accelerated Reader programme helps students to find books that are targeted at their reading ability whilst also providing an appropriate level of challenge to encourage further progress. Students have access to a variety of books in the AGS library but they may wish to read other books which are not in our library stock. There is an online tool available to guide you to suitable titles.


There are various options for searching. If you wish to check the book level of a specific title then a ‘quick search’ will be appropriate.

If however you wish to see a range of suitable titles then the ‘advanced search’ would be more appropriate. Select the advanced search tab and then adjust the ‘interest level’ drop-down menu. Type in your son/daughter’s ATOS book level range. This will be two numbers, for example: 3.6 through 5.2. Your son/daughter should have this information as this is what they use to select books in the school library.

Thank you for supporting your child’s independent reading.