Opportunities for personal development at Key Stage 3: 

Some of our students took part in a three month independent study over summer 2017.  The EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) is undertaken at KS5 in preparation for further study; however, the benefits of this at a younger age are clear.  Whilst this will be assessed internally, there will be prizes and certificates awarded to ensure that students can include it in their applications to sixth forms and colleges at the end of Year 11. 

At KS5, the EPQ is expected to be a 5000 word report evidencing 100 hours of study.  In order, however, to make this accessible to as wide a range of students as possible, we have decided to remove any prescribed word limit; although it is expected that the finished report will show evidence of approximately 50 hours of study between now and the end of September.  Some of the skills developed will be: English – formal, coherent and logical writing; maths – graphs, verbal and non-verbal reasoning; ICT – professional presentation and research; geography – field research (questionnaires); history – (evaluation of sources).

The projects could be a subject of students’ own choice and below are some of the finished projects, we hope you enjoy reading them: