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Appleby Grammar School

A modern school, with traditional values


English has a very special place in the curriculum. The skills learnt in this subject are vital to the growth of an individual; therefore the priorities of the English Department are driven by the principles of "Every Child Matters" and the importance of personalised learning. Students enjoy schemes of work that allow them to develop as insightful readers and creative, purposeful writers, while also offering them opportunities to express their ideas and explore their world through the art of rhetoric.

When writing, students learn to meet the needs of specific audiences and purposes and to develop and enjoy adapting their own writing style to suit a variety of forms. Students also encounter and explore a wide range of stimulating material: novels, multi-modal texts, poetry, plays, fiction and non-fiction and writing from other cultures. We are currently looking at how we can renew our KS3 schemes of work to better serve the needs of the 21st century student.

The English Department believes that English has something to offer every student and seeks to provide opportunities for all students to make progress in their learning and to access the world beyond the classroom.