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Appleby Grammar School

A modern school, with traditional values

School Council

The School Council consists of members of each form that have been elected by their peers. The Council meets regularly to discuss aspects of school life that they feel could be improved upon or altered to assist in the better learning of all students.

Please see below for the latest message from the current School Council:

School Council: Changing Your School from the Inside

Help us improve our school!

The School council was set up to help our school be the best it can be, and to aid creation of a pleasant environment and ideal learning facilities. We have achieved much this year in terms of School Improvements. However there are many more ways that we can continue to develop. We need your help to do so!

If you are interested, sign up to be a School Council member in the new academic year, or make sure that your form representative shares your ideas with the council. You have a voice, and the chance to make a difference – use it!

What we have been improved this year. What the future plans are.
Refurbished toilets in the Intake Centre More seating areas
New chairs in Science Improvements in learning resources (e.g. new textbooks)
Input into food choices in the canteen Sports provision, e.g. new basketball hoop
Ran the design competition for creating a new outdoor area by the hall Involve the whole school in more decisions and activities
Students having more of a say in lessons and learning – student ‘tweaks of the week’