Appleby Grammar School
CA16 6XU

017683 51580

Appleby Grammar School

A modern school, with traditional values

School Policies

 AGS Acceptable Use Policy September 2022.pdfDownload
 AGS Accessibility Plan 2023-2026.pdfDownload
 AGS Admission Policy for 2023-24.pdfDownload
 AGS Attendance Policy 2022-2023.pdfDownload
 AGS Behaviour Policy and procedures Feb 2023.pdfDownload
 AGS Child Protection Policy and Procedures 2022-2023.pdfDownload
 AGS Code of Conduct for School staff and other adults (V6) Sept 2019.pdfDownload
 AGS Complaints Policy 2022-23.pdfDownload
 AGS Data Protection Policy September 2022.pdfDownload
 AGS Freedom of Information Act - Publication Scheme January 2022.pdfDownload
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