Appleby Grammar School
CA16 6XU

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Appleby Grammar School

A modern school, with traditional values


The school’s Governing Body includes governors appointed by the members of the academy trust, parents/carers, staff, AGS Foundation Governors, and some who are co-opted by the Governing Body itself.

The Governing Body’s purpose is defined as follows:

  •  Strategic leadership of the academy trust: the board defines the school’s vision for high-quality and inclusive education in line with its objectives
    • It establishes and fosters the school’s culture and sets and champions the school’s strategy
  • Accountability and assurance: the board has robust effective oversight of the operations and performance of the school, including:
    • The provision of education
    • Student welfare
    • Overseeing and ensuring appropriate use of funding
    • Effective financial performance
    • Keeping the school site safe and well-maintained

  • Engagement: the board has strategic oversight of relationships with stakeholders
    • The board involves parents, schools, and communities so that decision-making is supported by meaningful engagement

Governors meet regularly and non-staff governors also keep in contact with different departments of the school, have responsibility for specific policies, and attend events and performances.

As an academy trust, Appleby Grammar School has an additional layer of governance in the form of members. Members hold the Governing Body to account for the effective governance of the school but have a minimal role in the actual running of the school.  A further aspect of academy status is that Governors may also be referred to as trustees and/or directors. In our day-to-day working, we continue to refer to all who serve on our Governing Body as governors.