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Appleby Grammar School

A modern school, with traditional values

School Uniform

Dress Code

School uniform should not be a source of contention between staff and students. The uniform is considered regularly with advice from governors, parents/carers and the School Council. Students are expected to follow the dress code and we appreciate full parental support in this matter.

The school will be the final arbiter regarding the suitability of dress and appearance.

General Wear

Girls and Boys Girls
Blazer - Black with school badge
School tie - clip on
Shirt/Blouse - White,plain formal style with collar (not a "polo" shirt) - designed to be worn with a tie and must be able to be tucked into trousers/skirts
Jumper - Plain black v-neck
Trousers - Plain black "traditional" tailored trousers (no culottes, leggins, wide flares or tight fashion trousers/jeans)
Socks - Plain black (not trainer socks)
Shoes - Black sensible low-heeled shoes (not trainers) - Boots/"ugg" type footware or open toed sandals are not permitted
Skirt - Plain black knee-length tailored i.e. pencil, pleated or A-line (but not made of lycra fabric)
Tights - neutral or black


White or coloured trainers are not allowed for general school wear - this includes travel to and from school. If shoes are for some reason not worn, temporary substitute footwear will be provided by the school.

Please also be aware that because an item of clothing is sold as ‘school uniform’ in some outlets, this does not mean it meets the requirements of school uniform at Appleby Grammar School.


  • one pair of earrings (studs or sleepers only). Other piercings are not permitted.
  • one ring (prominent rings, e.g. “coin rings” are not permitted).
  • no other adornment (including nail varnish and make-up) is permitted.

We recommend that each student has a strong bag for carrying PE and Games kit, and a separate bag for books, etc., both clearly named.

Parents/carers are asked to assist in maintaining a high standard of appearance for all activities by seeing that all kit and uniform is regularly laundered, and boots and shoes cleaned after use.

In an attempt to avoid any loss of kit, all items of clothing and equipment brought to school must be clearly and permanently marked with the owner’s name. The school cannot be held responsible and is unable to reimburse parents/carers for lost kit/uniform/personal items. At the end of each term, several bags of clothing and equipment remain unclaimed.

Extremes of hairstyle are not allowed.

Most of the items on the uniform list can be purchased from a variety of suppliers and at widely varying costs according to type and quality. Local supplier Sam Scotts in Penrith, stock items such as the school tie and the school badge as well as the full uniform range.


Sports Wear

Girls Boys

AGS red polo shirt
AGS black skort
AGS long sport socks (black with red stripes)
Hockey or Football boots (optional)
Base layer - black, red, house colour (optional)
AGS waterproof (optional)

AGS red polo shirt
AGS black shorts
AGS rugby shirt
AGS long sports socks (black with red stripes)
Rugby/Football Boots
Base layer - black, red, house colour (optional)
AGS waterproof (optional)
Cricket whites (optional)


On entry to the school, every student is placed into one of four houses:

  • Hastings (red)
  • Threlkelds (Yellow)
  • Whiteheads (Blue)
  • Yates (Green)


  • All sports wear MUST be named.
  • Shin guards must be worn for Hockey and Football.
  • Gum guards are strongly advised for Hockey and Rugby.
  • The style of football boots known as ‘blades’ should not be worn as they have been banned by the Local Authority.
  • Sam Scotts of Penrith is the sole supplier of AGS PE kit. This can be ordered online or from the shop in Penrith.

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